App of the Week: Day One


The best journaling app for Mac, iPad and iPhone

For some things in life there's just no middle ground - journaling seems to be one of those. From "why give a heck anyway" to "analogue or digital" and to the question, what exactly should be documented for the future self, there is a broad variety of opinions available. Read more…

App of the Week: iMachine 2 for iOS


Complete sound studio in your pocket

Every Friday the App of the Week - our new GeekOut series - introduces a recommendable App for iOS or OSX. iMaschine 2* by Native Instruments is first in line. This nifty tool makes recording, sampling, mixing and sharing of whole songs a breeze. Read more…

Review: Using DuckDuckGo as default search engine on Mac and iOS


The real altenative to Google Search?

Google is the world's most famous internet search engine. However, meanwhile some viable alternatives appeared on the market. DuckDuckGo is advertizing that by using their service, customers will not be tracked or followed. This feature alone might be a convincing argument for changing already, but the company is packing some additional goodies on top. Read more…

First Look: Ulysses 2 for Mac and iPad


New iPad app and a refurbished Mac version

The Soulmen GbR from Leipzig, Germany recently overhauled their Markdown word processor app Ulysses* for big boys with a free update to 2.0. The new version blends in beautifully with Yosemite and has been carefully enhanced through many improvements. In addition there is now a full-featured and highly anticipated iPad app* to complement the road warrior setup perfectly. Read more…

Review: Typed for Mac


New Markdown-powered text editor

Realmac Software today released Typed for Mac: a new sleek and puristic text editor that sets out to reinstate the joy of writing. I was able to preview the app and am going to walk you through: Read more…

Review: 2Do for Mac and iOS


Be careful what you wish for

2Do offers a lot. The feature you are searching for is not integrated in your current choice of task manager? Chances are *really* high that 2Do not only features it but implements it in a functionally and aesthetically pleasing way. Surprisingly, this holds true especially for the mobile apps. So is 2Do where all search for a good task manager ends? While you can get really happy with the plethora of options offered the real challenge is to pick your set of features wisely. Read more…