Protection for stars: The "Flashback" Anti-Paparazzi Collection of clothes


Reflective material ruins flash- supported photographs

Who doesn't know the story: once famous there's the press hounds everywhere! No matter whether you're picking up your ex-kid from school or getting rid of that old TV in the nearby woods - as soon as the pest recognized you as who you are you are standing in a flashlight thunderstorm. Luckily, there is effective protection for moments like these. Read more…

Legends: Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes SL never had a license plate


Incognito in spite of license plate law

Steve Jobs is always a good source for legends. One of the lesser known ones ranks around his Mercedes SL 55 AMG, which he always parked on the frontmost handicapped parking spot on Apple Campus. This car never had a license plate on it, in spite of California traffic regulations clearly demanding one. How could Jobs drive around like this for years? Read more…

Sunset on Mars


NASA Rover spreads space romance

Curiosity Rover, the NASA exploration tool located on the surface of Mars, lately impressed by transmitting an exceptionally artistic picture back to earth: a sundown panorama on the red planet. You can find the full resolution version here. An animation of the scene is also available.The Curiosity Rover even has its own Twitter account and is frequently distributing news and pictures associated with the mission.
Photo: NASA, via Laughing Squid

The truth about AirPlay audio streams


How good is remote audio quality really?

Legends and myths are deeply ingrained into Apples DNA and associated with all products, even after launch. The new category Knowledge contains easily comprehensible posts dealing with technical troubleshooting and questions. We start with AirPlay audio streaming. Is it really true that music is streamed in reduced quality? The short answer is: No. Read more…