Legal Information

Legal information

The provider of these web pages ensures to make all effort to maintain a contextually correct, technically and legally complete web page. However, mistakes, errors as well as failure and manipulation can never be fully excluded. Should this offering be faulty in any possible way, we apologize for the inconvenience and would be happy to receive a short message describing the observed issue. We will immmediately look at the problem and try to fix it as soon as possible. We therefore would like to kindly disencourage any legal actions taken against us, thank you.

Terms of usage

We take no liability for the contextual rightfulness or the technical availability, security and function of this web page. Claims concerning availability of information, offers and services are generally excluded, as long as there is no contractual relationship between customer and provider. Any claims concerning support, responsibilty or compensation in case of mistakes, as well as lack of availability and malfunctioning of the web site will be rejected. The provider keeps his right to reject customer without justification as well as changing, reject, reduce or remove contents offerings and services without prior announcement. Existing contractual and legal agreements remain untouched and are valid without interruption.

Liability exclusion

The provider takes no liability for the contents presented on third party web pages out of editorial control of the provider, e.g. via hyperlinks or referrals in spite of careful contextual control, if these page are outside of his scope and responsibility, making it impossible or unacceptable for him to prevent usage in case of illegal contents. Illegal linked contents were unknown to the provider upon creation of these web pages. If the linked contents was altered after linking to it, the provider dissociates himself if he is unable to influence contents and artwork. Damage resulting from the use of third party contents is automatically within the liability of the web site provider. This liability exclusion takes all links and referrals within the own web portfolio into account.


All regulations of the respective author and indicator laws apply. All contents within this web presence abides to this rule. No part of this web site can be used for the purpose beyond mere reading without prior explicit written allowance by the provider. Saving, altering and distribution of contents is strictly forbidden. Files explicitly labeled for download are an exception.
The design of this web site is mainly created using own, licensed or license-free objects and contents. An exception to this are the pictures and information belonging to press kits offered by providers and creators. All brands, product names and pictures are property of the respective rightholders. The utilization of such objects and contents does not automatically mean that these trademarks aren’t protected by third party rights. All contents and media created by the provider is under copyright protection. All rights for copyright, performance, publication and distribution solely remain with him.

Terms and conditions

As long as no contract is existing with the customer describing delivery or production, the general delivery and service conditions are described in the terms and conditions (AGB) of Thomas Landgraeber. Should there be other contracts already in place the terms and conditions of Thomas Landgraeber are only in addition. Customers automatically receive the AGB together with their service agreement or contract. Should you want to inform yourself beforehand please request the terms and conditions via email.

Date: April 1st, 2015

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