San Francisco: All the specs of Apples new standard system font


Soon on your Apple device

Rumors became reality: The typeface introduced as standard font on the Apple Watch, San Francisco, will soon become the new system font for iOS 9 and OSX El Capitan, thereby being delivered to all upgrade-eligible Apple devices. Registered Developers are already able to download the font family since Apple presented it to the community earlier this month. The WWDC keynote also unveiled a whole lot of interesting details about this new and functional typeface. Read more…

Legends: Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes SL never had a license plate


Incognito in spite of license plate law

Steve Jobs is always a good source for legends. One of the lesser known ones ranks around his Mercedes SL 55 AMG, which he always parked on the frontmost handicapped parking spot on Apple Campus. This car never had a license plate on it, in spite of California traffic regulations clearly demanding one. How could Jobs drive around like this for years? Read more…

The truth about AirPlay audio streams


How good is remote audio quality really?

Legends and myths are deeply ingrained into Apples DNA and associated with all products, even after launch. The new category Knowledge contains easily comprehensible posts dealing with technical troubleshooting and questions. We start with AirPlay audio streaming. Is it really true that music is streamed in reduced quality? The short answer is: No. Read more…

What you need to know about „Mastered for iTunes“


What benefits does the special Mastering provide?

Apple wants to improve sound quality of its iTunes content and provides new Audio Tools to all providers. With these tools audible loss of quality should be reduced to a minimum during the recoding into the Apple iTunes Plus AAC format. All media coded in this manner are optimized for being played on Apple devices and are labeled with the "Mastered for iTunes" tag in the store. What is the advantage for the consumer and what do musicians and producers have to pay attention to? Read more…