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Personal data security statement

Personal data assessment on sites by Thomas Landgaeber requires the free informed consent supplied by the visitor in the contact form. Should the visitor enter into a marketing relationship to the provider, the visitor turns into a customer whose personal data is saved and processed abiding to the German Governmental Security Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (BDSG)) and the Tele Service Data Security law (Teledienstedatenschutzgesetzes (TDDSG)). Customer data is only assessed for the purpose of answering the respective specific request or task, respectively. The customer gives his consent that his data might be saved, processed and used to fulfill the business purpose of the provider. Customer data is principally not shared with third parties unless it is unavoidably required to fulfill the running task. Should such cases occur, the data transmitted to third parties is limited to the necessary minimum.

General data security statement

Connection data created by the visit of this web pages will be handled confidently by the provider and not shared with third parties. However, being aware of the countless companies involved in data mining, it is impossible to guarantee that no data will be accessed by third parties without consent. This is especially the case if other companies such as email providers or hosting companies are involved in the communication. The provider is therefore only taking responsibility for the own immediate area of creation, handling and influence. All responsibility beyond this limited scope are generally.

Customer rights

It is the customers right to be informed about personal data saved as well as the right to correct, restrict or delete the respective entries. He also has the right to request information about the state of his saved data at any time. Data will be locked if deletion is limited by conflicting contractual or legal duties.

Possible risks

In spite of exceptional care data theft or loss cannot be excluded. The provider is not to be held responsible for data loss resulting from higher power or lack of care or illegal actions of other people, companies or organisations.

Date: April 1st, 2015

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