Windows 10 comes in 7 different flavors


Microsoft is still not getting it

Windows 10, the newest iteration of the series, was announced to be released in only one unified version, which should work on PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones thanks to universal apps. In spite of this, Microsofts announcement released earlier this week is now reporting 7 different versions of the operating system.

We can expect Windows 10 to be released in mid 2015 in the following versions:

Windows 10 Home - the standard version for private customers.

Windows 10 Pro - an extended desktop edition for PCs, tablets and 2-in-1s.

Windows 10 Enterprise - a derivative of Windows 10 Pro for and companies and organisations.

Windows 10 Education - a Windows 10 Enterprise for the education sector.

Windows 10 Mobile - a mobile version for consumer to be used on smartphones and tablets.

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise - the mobile version for corporate customers.

Windows 10 IoT Core - a slimmed-down Windows for low end devices.

This list ist far from being complete. There are numerous special edition enterprise versions in the works to meet the specialized needs of e.g. financial service businesses or for the control of industrial facilities.

Windows 10 seems to be very versatile. Microsoft understandably wants to see it in action everywhere possible. It is doubtful though whether it is really necessarry to offer this plethora of frontends.

Things are a lot simpler at Apple: Only two operating systems which automatically adapt to the respective type of hardware they are installed on, accompanied by the most likely tools required by the customer. Special applications such as servers are either already integrated and only need to be set up, or they can be installed at a later timepoint without effort.

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Photo: Microsoft
Author & Editor: Thomas Landgraeber; Translation: Mathias Rhein

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