Geek Out is going to focus on Productivity


Inspirations for productive lifestyles

After some conceptual reorientation here at Geek Out we are going to narrow it all down to the most prominent topic almost all of you are caring about a lot: Productivity.

There won’t be many obvious changes resulting from this: we will continue to serve you reviews of new apps, workflows, tips and tricks revolving around the Apple ecosystem. We will expand this topic towards creativity applications and tools from the areas audio, photography, video and web design.

On the other hand, from now on we will completely leave out news articles and tidbits of any kind dealing with Apple specifically. Since there are hundreds of sites and blogs discussing Apple news and product updates we have no intention whatsoever to water down our content by adding our voice into this mix.

First eBooks and workshops as early as this winter season

While we are narrowing content down to productivity-related content we are also going to change our financial concept. We are going to remove ad-supported income and put all effort behind premium content products such as ebooks and video workshops. The first publications with our new label Geek Food will be available as early as towards the end of this year.

Anyone interested in diving deeper into certain topics or searching for competent and professional support in specific areas will find some interesting offers here.

In contrast to Geek Food this blog will remain free of charge. We will try to support this site through donations and affiliate links only.

While sincerely hoping that you like what you just read, we are in anticipation of an exciting new era together with you!

Thomas Landgraeber
Editor / Publisher
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