Apple Watch: How to deal with the red exclamation mark


Restarting the device sometimes doesn't solve the problem

What do you have to do if your Apple computer watch is showing a red exclamation mark instead of the beautiful interface? According to Apple a serious error occurred which might not be simply solved by restarting the device.

In a support document released yesterday Apple is offering some options to handle the situation. First, force a restart on your watch. To do this press both button and digital crown for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen, indicating the restart.

Should the screen still display the red warning sign, you should immediately contact the Apple Support. In this case the watch needs to be repaired or exchanged. According to customer reports the company is currently very obliging and exchanges concerning devices without much hassle.

Currently, it is unclear whether this issue is only a seldomly occuring hardware problem or a widely distributed malfunctioning. Until now only a few occurrences have been reported.

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Photo: Apple Inc; Author & Editor: Thomas Landgraeber; Translation: Mathias Rhein

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